Terra | The Latin word for ‘Earth’
Movement | We are a movement

Helping the planet with artivism, creativity & design

Our Amitious Mission

Terra Movement aims to bring inspiration to artivists & creatives who are also concerned with the climate crisis and other challenges our planet is facing.

The world needs our creativity in order to come up with innovative solutions and inspire others to join the climate movement.

Art and design have a big role to play in the world. This is why we need to start designing more sustainably but also start using art and design for a good cause.

Be part of this community… 

and help save the planet with your creativity. It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, an artist, or a filmmaker. Every skill will be needed to solve the most pressing problem humans have faced. Every single individual can be part of the solution. It’s about time we recognize that because we are running out of time. Join this community of artivists and start creating with purpose.

Join the movement. Become a
terra creator.

Are you a creative that focuses on
sustainability and social impact?

sofia hadjiosif

Sofia Hadjiosif | Founder of Terra Movement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist/ artivist fascinated with the world. I decided to combine art and the environment, the two things I’m most passionate about.

I feel it’s important to educate and raise awareness about these issues and art is an amazing form of communication.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I always love connecting with other like-minded people driven to create change in our society.