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Terra Movement aims to make a difference and help the planet by using art and design. We want to provide a platform for artists and creatives who are also concerned with the climate crisis and other challenges our planet is facing and make them feel empowered that they can use their skills to create a positive impact.

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Sofia Hadjiosif | Founder of Terra Movement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist/ artivist fascinated with the world. I decided to combine art and the environment, the two things I love the most. I feel it’s important to educate and raise awareness about these issues and art is an amazing form of communication. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I always love connecting with other like-minded people driven to create change in our society.

Her Story

“I started Terra Movement as nothing more than a side project (a basic environmental blog) to pass some time and channel my passion for the environment. It was during the pandemic and I wanted to learn new things and try things out such as design and blogging. At the time I was about to go to university to study Environmental Sciences. However, I fell in love with art and design in the few months that I had been learning it and I decided to reject my offer, take a gap year and apply for a new course (a creative course) even though I had no experience at the time. But in the end, I got accepted into the Manchester School Of Art which is where I’m at now.

The one thing that never changed was my love for the planet and nature. I started seeing how studying science wasn’t going to help me make the difference I wanted to make. Because we know what is happening in the world and what know how to fix it. What we need is to take action. Both individuals and organizations. And I realized that using art and design could be a powerful medium to make that happen. So I slowly transformed the simple environmental blog which I called Terra Movement into a mission to help the planet through art, design, and creativity.”