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melting ice caps illustration maria veloo

Although I live far from any ice caps, I know that the experience of people living near the polar regions is like watching something they’ve grown up with disappear slowly before their eyes; a loss of a part of their identity. Rather than focus on the other aspects of melting ice caps (and there are many to discuss) I wanted to focus on this human element, the human connection and grief felt at this loss.

tukai.mou protect the forests illustration
@tukai.mou | Behance

The biggest responsibility of every parent to their children is to strive and pass this beautiful earth on to them..

kb.illustrates capitalism illustration stop destroying and exploiting the world
june jewell illustration
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I’ve imagined a space where a refuge of climate change has found herself alone to fend for herself, in her treehouse among stumps. Deforestation has become a stronger reality, & climate change has gotten more intense.

we are losing ice caps and biodiversity illustration artists talk climate

Climate change is real! Our planet has reached a critical moment. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, many species are disappearing and along with them, human livelihoods are at risk.

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Let us not forget those who are willing to let this world burn for their profit

justhings art mother earth artwork
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pick up your trash illustration and poster art

One of the simplest things we as an individual can do to stop the flow of plastic pollution and trash into our ocean is by disposing of it properly and picking it up.

the ocean is not a trash can illustrated by issac

Our oceans and the animals that live there are literally choking on plastic. A million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year due to plastic waste – either through entanglement, ingestion, or damage to their habitats. Our oceans are a magical place. Let’s not continue to use them as a trash can.

brombeer.wal ocean pollution illustration artwork protect the ocean

We throw a truck of plastic into the ocean every minute. Garbage we simply throw on the street or into nature ends up in the oceans sooner or later. Don’t let them do all the work and take care of your stuff yourself. Every step counts!

holly astle deforestation illustration
@hollyastle |

We must stop the devastating destruction of our forests, it is time to stop treating nature as a commodity we can afford to use up.

yullia bahni biodiversity and animal illustration
@yuliia_bahniuk | Behance

All the diversity of life on earth, from genes to the entire planetary ecosystem is biodiversity.
And biodiversity is the source of our own lives. Everything we consume, everything our lives depend on – the air we breathe, clean water, all the food we consume – all come from biodiversity.

ocean pollution child eln.paath illustration

This is a piece done using digital illustration and photo collage to raise awareness on the current issue of plastic pollution in our marine life. The illustration portrays a little girl who is swimming to save a small fish in a plastic polluted ocean, showing how the young generation will be the most affected by this problem and the ones to have to take action.

stop animal exploitation illustration somnis decoto

Imagine a second, you cut down a centenary tree which the house of several types of wildlife and this same tree products food for many of them. You transform this tree in biscuit, burgers, decorative items, beauty products. Do you think it would be worthwhile to remove this life tree for that ?

artists talk climate biodiversity loss illustration
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burcu koleli time is running out illustration
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illustration biodiversity loss coeur singulier
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Some creation myths show that were meant to have a symbiotic relationship with the earth and not dominate it. Our earth is a living subject and we are all part of its network. Our survival is interwoven with that of flora and faun around us, which is why progressive biodiversity loss threatens al of us.

animal extinction artwork by

This piece is inspired by biodiversity loss, which we can see happening all around the world

yeti glesias artists talk climate illustration
By @yetiinglesias |

Sadly, more than 1 million plastic bags end up in the trash every minute and around 10% of those will end up in our oceans. Together we can change this.

livs digital sketchbook protect the ice caps

I wanted initially to display how something once so beautiful could so quickly become lonely and sorrowful in the hope that the shock of our reality will propel change and help save our beautiful planets future.

stop bottom trawling detailed artwork by emma lopes art
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This image depicts bottom trawling an extremely destructive fishing practice which scrapes the ocean floor and indiscriminately traps fish and marine life, and destroys the sea bed. It’s time to act on protecting at least 30% of the ocean and end this destructive practice.