Artists Talk Climate

Artists Talk Climate is an illustration
challenge to encourage creatives
to help the planet

What Is Artists Talk Climate?

1st – 30th October

We are bringing to you an amazing illustration challenge to help the planet and inspire artists around the world.

We have 5 prompts for you to interpret and illustrate. Each being based on an ecological challenge we are facing. You can choose how many of them to illustrate. You can do all of them or just pick a few of them.

Our favourite ones will be featured on our feed and stories

What Are The Prompts?

There will be 5 prompts during October.

In your interpretations, you can illustrate each of the challenges, the solutions, the consequences of each of these environmental challenges we are facing etc. Be as creative as you’d like. But each illustration has to be related to the prompt.

The 5 prompts are:

1-6th October

Biodiversity Loss

7-12th October


13-18th October

Plastic Pollution

24th October

Melting Ice Caps

25-30th October

Climate Change

Who are the hosts?

We will be hosting this challenge with the help of some amazing and talented creatives.

Terra Movement – @terramovment

Natural Beings – @natural_beings_

Vanja Paunovic – @pattern__creator

Hanna Flachs – @earthartlab

Yuliia Bahniuk – @yuliia_bahniuk

Kirin – @bungadanbintang

Yeti Iglesias – @yetiglesias

Candice – @didilanoli

Thi Doan – @coeursingulier

Holly Astle – @hollyastle

How To Join The Challenge

  1. Post each illustration within the timeframe on your (public) Instagram page so we can see it
  2. Use the hashtag #artiststalkclimate in the caption
  3. Tag the hosts

We Want To Make A Difference

As explained above, each prompt is based on an environmental challenge. And we decided that for the prompt that will receive the most entries, we will donate to a charity that is helping that cause. Whether they are helping battle biodiversity loss, deforestation, plastic pollution, melting sea ice, or climate change.

How will the money be raised?

The hosts, participants or anyone else who would like to help the planet can also donate using the link below to raise even more money to give to charity. This is not compulsory. Only optional.

We are fundraising the money through PayPal

Which charity the money will go will depend on which prompt will receive the most entries. The charity we be decided and announced at the end of the challenge. So follow us on Instagram for updates too.

Help us to create an even bigger impact
by donating your money to a charity that is helping the world.

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