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16 Places to Buy Second Hand Clothes Online

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Are you looking to sell the clothes you no longer want or buy some ‘new’ second-hand clothes online? Not everyone has thrift shops and charity shops near them but don’t worry because there are many apps and websites out there designed for people to sell and buy used items online. I think this is such a fantastic idea and here I’m going to tell you about the top 16 online shops where you can buy second-hand clothes

Why buy preloved, second-hand clothes?

There are so many reasons why thrift shopping is amazing. Depends on where you choose to shop, but typically it is really cheap. However, that’s not the most important reason as to why you should start buying your clothes at second-hand shops.

For me, it’s about the environment. The fashion industry produces tonnes and tonnes of waste every week, every month, and every year. The fast fashion industry produces unthinkable amounts of pollution to produce cheap clothing that will only be worn a few times and then thrown in the bin.

This is not sustainable and will not last as resources are becoming more scarce. Buying preloved clothes means you are contributing less to the production of new clothes and are diverting clothes from landfills.

The bottom line is when you thrift shop you are helping the planet, saving money, and creating your own, unique sense of style. Who wouldn’t want all that?

So here are my favourite places online to buy second-hand clothes from.

Best Thrift Apps and Websites To Buy Clothes

01. Vinted

Vinted is based in Europe but does ship globally.

This is a relatively new thrifting app however it’s gaining popularity quick. You can either buy or sell your own items. Everything they offer is a lot cheaper than the retail price but still in amazing condition.

Vinted is best for casual, everyday clothing.

02. Etsy

Etsy doesn’t only have clothes, it has pretty much anything you can imagine, just second-hand. It’s a massive, global platform so you can be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Price varies with this one. You can find some really cheap items or some high-end garments which are a bit more expensive.

Nevertheless, Etsy is a great place to discover vintage, unique (or sometimes handmade) items. It’s great because you can find clothes from designers you have never even heard of. I would recommend checking this one out if you want to buy some unique second-hand clothes online.

03. eBay

Everyone knows about eBay but I thought I’d add it to the list since it’s another great place to find second-hand clothes. Well, not just clothes.

Not everything on eBay is second-hand so you do need to look out and be careful. Additionally, for some items, you can only bid which is something that not everyone likes. But some do have the option to buy right away so you just need to browse through and see what there is.

04. Refashioner

Refashioner is specifically for quality vintage garments or designer items. For this reason, it tends to be a bit more pricy however it’s worth it.

They have garments from the 90s all the way back to the 1940s. That’s as vintage as it gets. If you are looking for an older style to get away from fast fashion, check this one out.

Also, these items as very-high quality and will last many, many years, unlike nowadays clothing.

Finally, with each garment, you get a little story behind it from the previous owner which I think it’s a very nice touch.

05. Vestaire Collective

Vestaire Collective is an international business based in France. This one consists of mostly second-hand high-end items. They truly have some amazing pieces on their website and a huge range may I add.

Unfortunately, most luxury clothing gets worn once or twice and sits in the wardrobe for years on end. That’s why Vestaire Collective was created. It has created a circular system where clothes are reused by others. There’s no point in buying new clothes that are only worn a few times and then get thrown away.

Additionally, they always check for quality which means you can always be certain you will receive high-quality garments.

06. Refashion

This one is for women only. It’s essentially an online charity shop. People donate their clothes, then you browse online on their website and buy what you like.

Refashion has a great feature which I just love. You can buy what they call ‘Rag Bags’ which are a collection of items that have some defects such as stains. They are really cheap and the whole point is that you buy them to upcycle them and turn them into something new using your creativity.

07. Poshmark

Poshmark has over 100 million items to sell most of which are modern. It has many high street brands such as Nike and Louis Vuitton. You won’t find many vintage or retro items here.

Selling your stuff is really easy as well on Poshmark.

It has many cool features too. For example, you can ‘like’ a piece of clothing so you get notified if the price of it changes.

08. ThredUp

USA and Canada only.

ThredUp offers women’s and children’s clothes at a very good price. I haven’t purchased from this one yet, but I have heard great things about it. You will find a large variety of brands on this including Gucci and Armani Collezioni.

You can also return items if they don’t fit or don’t like the look on yourself which is not something that every website offers.

Their packaging is plastic free which is an extra bonus!

09. Instagram

Instagram has made it so easy to buy on their platform with their new features. You can no shop right from their app. You can find so many great items from around the world.

Additionally, if you have a following on a social media platform like Instagram, you can actually sell your clothes on there. You could even turn it into a business. This option is good for those who are already established on Instagram. If you’re not, then it will be very time-consuming for you.

10. Depop

Depop might be one of the most famous thrift apps for second-hand clothing online out there and they already have millions of users.

Not only can you find designer brands, but you will also find pieces from independent stores. It’s the perfect way to find or create your own unique style. Find retro and modern pieces in the same place!

I would say Depop, is great for younger generations, especially for those who are creative and bold. I personally love depop, but it will not be for everyone as some of the things they have are a bit ‘out there’.

11. Thrifted

If you are looking for vintage clothes, this is the one to go to. Thrifted wants to promote the idea of circular fashion and stop people from buying from fast fashion stores. They have a big collection for both men and women and even some for children.

They have a large variety of clothes so you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. I really love the style of this one and is one of my favorite places to buy second-hand clothes online.

12. Thrift +

Thrift Plus is becoming one of the most popular apps for second-hand clothing.

They mainly offer high-street pieces and designer clothing (and accessories) which means the price range varies a lot.

There’s something different about Thrift Plus that makes it stand out from the others. Thrift plus wants to support charities which is why they donate part of what they earn to them. The founder, Joe Matcalfe, wants to make second-hand shopping more widespread and he did that by bringing charity and second-hand shopping online.

We need more second-hand shops to open (and stay opened) and for more people to go to them in order to stop this fast fashion madness.

13. Patagonia Worn Wear

If you are one of those trying to make your life more sustainable, then you must have heard of Patagonia. It’s a brand for outdoor clothing and gear.

One of the many things they offer is the Patagonia Worn Wear. On here they offer used Patagonia clothes that were returned by people who didn’t want them anymore. As they only sell their own stuff on here you will only find high-quality pieces. The best thing is that you buy them for a much, much cheaper price.

If you want to buy some clothes (or gear) for future outdoor adventures, I would definitely recommend this one.

14. Asos Marketplace

While Asos itself is considered fast fashion, a new platform called Asos marketplace place was launched in 2010. They have many vintage items and one-of-a-kind clothing so it’s a great way to create your own unique style.

On Asos Marketplace you have access to clothes from many different independent designers and boutiques around the world. So instead of supporting large chain businesses that are destroying the environment, you can choose to support small businesses instead. It’s perfect for both men and women.

I just want to mention that this is not like most websites on here where you can sell stuff from your wardrobe that you don’t like anymore. If you have a business, however, you can sign up and sell on their platform.

15. TheRealReal

The RealReal is based in the US.

This one is a great choice if you are looking for luxury clothes. This company is trying to make luxury more sustainable. This means that you will find more expensive clothes (and jewelry) but still much cheaper than retail price.

16. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro is another vintage one, so if that’s your style, you should take a look at their website. The sheer amount of choice is what makes it stand out. You will find so many different garments on their website.

What’s great is that you can shop by era. This means you can search clothes from the 60s, 70s, etc very easily.


You don’t have to shop from fast fashion brands in order to look stylish. Buying second-hand is not any worse than buying brand new. If anything, you develop a more unique style. I can’t tell you the number of people I see in the same clothes.

Say no to fast fashion and buy preowned and preloved clothes for the sake of the planet. Buying second-hand clothes online is so easy now, you don’t have an excuse not to do it.

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