Can Creativity Save The World?

Humanity is facing the biggest challenge it has ever faced. The earth’s entire natural ecosystem is at risk, including us. But there’s still some hope left. Humans are the most innovative species on the planet. So can this creativity we have, save the world? I believe that it might be the only thing that can.

Money alone will not change anything. Creatives are the missing link. They can re-design the world and do what no one has done before.

As you might have guessed one person or one group will will not save us from this situation. We need to work together. Never have all countries in the world come together to fight for something. This is exactly what we need right now.

Planet earth has existed for billions of years and it will probably still be here in another billion years. What we are trying to do, is save ourselves and preserve the world as we know it.

What is creativity?

Creativity, put in simple terms, is the ability to create something that didn’t exist before. Creatives are often good at combining unrelated elements, coming up with new ideas, and problem-solving.

We are born naturally creative which is why children always have wild dreams and ideas. However, as we grow older, we are taught to be un-creative and just follow the path society wants us to. Instead of following our dreams and passion, we are told to take the easy path in order to get a good-paying job.

At a young age, children are shielded from all the horrors of the world that is effectively destroying the world. We are put in a ‘protective bubble’ where we don’t have to worry about anything. But then the time comes where we are brought into the ‘real world’ and learn all the atrocious things that are happening. Now we must think practically and realistically to do something about these issues. The problem with this is that practical thinking will not get us anywhere.

To create any real change, we need dreamers and wild imaginations. How else will the world be changed? Sadly were taught that being creative will not get us anywhere. The way schools teach, is stripping our creative spirits.

It’s ironic how now, creativity has become a desired skill for employers, yet society tells them otherwise.

Get your creativity back

Now the good news. You can re-teach yourself to become creative by working on it and trying out new things. Here are some tips to help you get started. It’s all about practice. Stop being afraid of being wrong and explore different opportunities and ideas. If you want to save the world, start thinking outside the box and let your creativity guide you to find new solutions to our current problems.

Like every skill, someone can get more creative by sitting down and working on it. Anyone can become creative.

Why is creativity important?

We need different types of creativity. Diversity is key. Creativity can be used in scientific solutions, technological innovation, the redesigning of cities, and finding new ways to restore and preserve the natural environment. Many people wrongly associate creativity with only music, art, and design. But in reality, it can be found anywhere.

01. Redesign And Innovate A New And Better World

Creativity will allow us to use our imagination to redesign the world and society for the better and solve so many of the problems we are facing including climate change. Innovation brought us to this critical situation that we are in and innovation will take us out of it. With new technological advances, new opportunities emerge.

My point is, it’s possible to change the world and even save it. We’ve changed it time and time again so why not do it one more time. But this time it will be to create a better and more sustainable future rather than one led by greedy people looking to earn more money.

There are some that think it would be best to turn our backs to this digital world. After all, technology is what has brought us to this mess. But this would not be a smart move. We can use the technology we already have and put it to better use.

While no one has the perfect solution, like always, we need to find a balance. It’s possible to embrace this new digital world and use it to our advantage to create a better world.

While everything is becoming automated is this world, creativity is something that can never be replaced. If you develop your creative thinking, you will have a skill desired by so many people. A robot or machine will not be able to replace you.

02. Visualize A Thriving Future

Every single person that managed to change and revolutionize the world had a vision. A vision of what they wanted the world to like. What’s yours? Do you even have one? If you want to change the world you need to have a vision and then work hard to get to that idealistic world. Even if you don’t fully succeed, the world will probably be much better than it was before. Isn’t that the aim in the first place. Make the world a better place.

The world could be an amazing place where humans and nature thrive alongside each other. It sounds too good to be true, but it could be our future if everyone commits. We don’t have to completely destroy the forests and oceans to get what we want because we are going to destroy ourselves in the process.

Cities could be a place filled with nature and life instead of just concrete and tar. We could remove cars altogether and replace them all with electric trains and other types of transport. We could live in a world that does not have more trash than people. For every problem, there’s a solution and behind each solution, there’s a creative person.

Creativity can make this possible but you have to believe that it’s possible. The moment you say to yourself the earth can’t be saved, it will become impossible to save it and ourselves. Regain that child-like thinking and think big.

03. To Think Differently

We need to start thinking differently. Thinking the same as we did when we created the world is not going to work. Remember, you don’t have to be a designer or artist to be creative. You can use creativity in any subject area and industry.

Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species on the planet. Let’s start acting like it. Look what we have achieved. Look at what we created. All of it was made by creative people who (in most cases) wanted to make the world a better place. Some of those ideas may have backfired and are now doing more harm than good but we can learn from our mistakes.

Think of the earth as a blank canvas. How would you design it if you could? That’s the world you should aim to build. It will not be easy and will require a lot of hard work and you will certainly face resistance from other people. But no one said saving the world will be easy.

Unfortunately, governments and most people in the world have very narrow thinking. They think there are only two ways to do something. One that benefits themselves (usually with money) and one that doesn’t. They fail to see the countless opportunities around them. That lack of creative thinking which is taken away from them as they grow up is the reason for that.


Saying all this, creativity alone will not save the world. We need to start innovating and creating to make this vision into a reality. This will require different kinds of professions including engineers, builders, architects, and more. Furthermore, we must change the mentality of society because without everyone’s corporation it will be a lot harder. This is where good communication is needed. Everyone can play a role. With a combination of low-tech and high-tech solutions, we will be able to do something great for the planet.

Don’t be scared. It will overwhelming and you won’t make any big difference at the beginning of your journey but everyone has to start somewhere.

The best time to start is now. And before I forget, never be shy to ask for help. Working alongside other creatives with similar goals will help you get further in your journey. If everyone starts being creative and collaborating which each other, the world could be massively improved.

It’s time to get inspired and have a dream. Visualize the world you want to live in and let your creativity save the world.

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Sofia Hadjiosif
Sofia Hadjiosif

I've always cared about the planet but never knew how I could use my skills to create an impact. But that's when I decided to start Terra Movement. To get other creatives involved in the climate movement and inspire more people to help the planet and its people.

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