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New Article Series :

Learn About Regenerative Design

By Maria Magdalena Cejas Gandur

Regenerative Design: Cultivating Hope for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In a world where sustainability is paramount, Regenerative Design emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. Unlike traditional approaches that aim to merely minimize harm, Regenerative Design seeks to actively restore and revitalize the ecosystems it touches, maximizing natural resources for generations to come and preserving biodiversity. Defining Regenerative

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regenerative design

The Key Principles of Regenerative Design

On our preceding article, we delved into the essence of Regenerative Design, outlining its fundamental concepts and significance. Building upon that foundation, this note aims to explore the intricate fabric of Regenerative Design by unraveling its key principles. These guiding principles serve as the backbone of a transformative approach, steering

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Unraveling the Distinctions Between Sustainable and Regenerative Design

In the realm of environmental consciousness, two terms often stand at the forefront: sustainable design and regenerative design. While both share the overarching goal of fostering positive environmental impacts, they encapsulate distinctive approaches and philosophies. This article aims to demystify the nuances, drawing clear distinctions between sustainable and regenerative design.

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Our Online Galleries

We hosted our first illustration challenge on Instagram this October. Here are our favourite entries. We thought you might find this inpiring. Let us know what you think.

This was a challenge to raise awareness and to urge creatives like you to get involved in the climate movement. We were blown away with what you created and we wanted to thank everyone for taking part and supporting this initiative.


What Is Artivism?

Read our latest poster ‘ What Is Artivism?’ for more information on this topic.

More resources...

Rewriting Extinction

Rewriting Extinction is a non-profit that is creating stories to save the world.

Their book ‘The Most Important Comic Book on Earth: Stories to Save the World’ is an amazing piece that utilises art and storytelling to talk about the planet, the challenges it faces, and what we can do about it.

Climate Crisis Hub

Climate Crisis Hub is an online platform curated with films and other content to help you get inspired by people’s stories from around the world.

They host a festival called ‘Climate Crisis Film Festival’ and have lots of things always going on to inspire you and help you take action.

Climate Illustrated

Climate Illustrated is an inspiring account on Instagram that tells climate stories through illustrations

Art For Your World

Art For Your World is part of WWF and they call for art to help their mission of helping the planet.

PangeaSeed Foundation

And ARTivism organization that focuses on protecting the oceans.

Earthrise Studio

A creative studio focusing on climate storytelling. They create amazing films and other content to educate and inspire.

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