Inspiring designers, artists and creators…

Below are some inspiring individuals who are using their creative skills to help our planet. Whether that is creating illustrations as a way of climate activism, inventing sustainable products, or creating documentaries to raise awareness.

sofia hadjiosif artivist
Founder of Terra Movement. A multidisciplinary artist inspired by the climate movement
styngvi artivist
Ethical illustrator and art philanthropist with the mission to educate, empower and inspire action
anna chah
Documentary filmmaker and photographer with a passion for climate and conservation advocacy.
Ladislas Chachignot
Ladislas creates colorful artworks full of movement and life, that are reflecting his vision of nature’s richness and diversity. 
jozi illustartor
A French illustrator who uses her art to raise awareness around climate and social justice.
Multidisciplinary artist/ designer who advocates social and climate justice
Angie Irais Soto Tinoco
I’m an activist graphic designer, who uses the power of design to create awareness about social, & environmental issues.
An Illustrator who believes in the power of sustainability communication to sensitise people.
Pedro-Saez-Martinez designer
An Industrial and Graphic Designer working for social innovation.
Artist, singer-songwriter, and youth climate activist who uses the arts to inspire social change.
Dr. Caterina Sposato
A futurist, architect, innovative designer and sustainable strategist
adam davies ty syml
A product designer and Co-Founder of Ty Syml

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