Below are some inspiring individuals who are using their creative skills to help our planet. Whether that is creating illustrations as a way of climate activism, inventing sustainable products, or creating documentaries to raise awareness.

francisco vegan frank
I draw. I paint. I learn from everything around me
Artist, educator and child at heart celebrating our earth through creativity and place-based teaching. 
I’m a designer and educator hoping to battle our climate crisis through my work.
Ethical illustrator and art philanthropist with the mission to educate, empower and inspire action
chiara mensa made by hyphae
A graphic designer and visual communicator taking a stand for nature, biodiversity and climate action
Ladislas Chachignot
Ladislas creates colorful artworks full of movement and life, that are reflecting his vision of nature’s richness and diversity. 
Documentary filmmaker and photographer with a passion for climate and conservation advocacy.
jozi illustartor
A French illustrator who uses her art to raise awareness around climate and social justice.
Angie Irais Soto Tinoco
I’m an activist graphic designer, who uses the power of design to create awareness about social, & environmental issues.
Multidisciplinary artist/ designer who advocates social and climate justice

An Illustrator who believes in the power of sustainability communication to sensitise people.
Pedro-Saez-Martinez designer
An Industrial and Graphic Designer working for social innovation.
Artist, singer-songwriter, and youth climate activist who uses the arts to inspire social change.
Dr. Caterina Sposato
A futurist, architect, innovative designer and sustainable strategist
adam davies ty syml
A product designer and Co-Founder of Ty Syml

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