Below are some inspiring individuals who are using their creative skills to help the world. Keep scrolling if you want to join the directory.

Dânia Jorge

I’m a Portuguese slow designer, always looking for new projects to design and transform into sustainable communication.

Ryota Matsumoto

Ryota Matsumoto is an artist, media theorist, and architect based in New York, and Tokyo.

Andrea Pratt (Illustration)

A Canadian artist dedicated to the preservation of bird species and ending deforestation.

Pixel Planet Today (Illustration Project)

We pair pixel art with facts about the planet

Emma Reynolds (Children’s Book Author & Illustrator)

Author and illustrator of children’s books and graphic novels.

Pili Ojos Magnificos (Graphic Design, Creative Direction,Fine Art, Ancestral Tattoo)

A spirit soul. A fractal of source. Brown, Indigenous, Diasporic, MILALMAS, Genderfull, Androgynous. I am a North Andean Trans-disciplinary Portal Creator.

Damian Siqueiros (Photography)

“What if the changes needed to step into the next era of human evolution came to pass. As a creator for impact, I am to represent this vision”

Allison Svoboda (Art)

Based in Chicago, Allison’s work reflects the need to protect the waterways of the Midwest.

ISYLA (Music)

A musical duo that creates songs with messaging around climate change.

Julio César Osorio (Art)

Julio is a self-taught painter whose journey began at the lowest point in his life just as he was achieving recognition through his studio photographic work.

Sarah Nelson (Art, Illustration)

Sarah is an environmental artist and illustrator based in Los Angeles.

Tolmeia Gregory (Artist & Activist)

Artist and climate justice activist

Augarde Design (Graphic Design)

Freelance graphic designer looking to make a positive impact. Working with not-for-profits, sustainable businesses and ethical campaigns.

Larisa Cevallos (Photography & Digital Marketing)

A human in love with visuals working with brands that care about the planet.

Anita Bagdi (Illustration)

Children’s book Illustrator with an eco anxious creative outlet and some hope.

Deej Phillips (Filmmaking)

Passionate about making documentary films about the climate crisis that resonate with people on an emotional level.

Emma Lopes ( Illustration, Graphic Design)

Artist, illustrator and educator who uses her art to remind us of the interconnectivity of nature.

Berne (Music)

Earth-pop duo Berne with a deep-rooted mission to inspire better care for the planet through music and lifestyle.

Kaitie Schneider (Graphic Design, Illustration)

A wildlife biologist and graphic designer inspiring action through art and researched-based science education.

Lil Idli (Music)

Lil Idli is the experimental pop duo of vocalist Ranjani Prabhakar and producer/percussionist Deepak Gopinath

Eric Benson (Graphic Design)

I’m a designer and educator hoping to battle our climate crisis through my work.

Stefán Yngvi (Illustration)

Ethical illustrator and art philanthropist with the mission to educate, empower and inspire action

Francisco Atencio (Illustration, Art, Graphic Design)

I draw. I paint. I learn from everything around me

Gokce Yigitcan (Illustration)

A digital illustrator inspired by relationships and moments, aiming to make the voices of nature and women heard for a more livable world.

Lindsay Carron (Art, Illustration)

Artist, educator, and child at heart celebrating our earth through creativity and place-based teaching. 

Anna Chah (Filmmaking, Photography)

Documentary filmmaker and photographer with a passion for climate and conservation advocacy.

Magalie Biard (Illustration)

A French illustrator who uses her art to raise awareness around climate and social justice.

Ladislas Chachignot (Illustration, Art)

Ladislas creates colorful artworks full of movement and life, that are reflecting his vision of nature’s richness and diversity. 

Burcu Koleli (Art, Illustration, Graphic Design)

I am a passionate intersectional environmentalist and feminist. I care deeply about our planet and our society.

Angie Irais Soto Tinoco (Graphic Design)

I’m an activist graphic designer, who uses the power of design to create awareness about social, & environmental issues.

Chiara Mensa (Graphic Design)

A graphic designer and visual communicator taking a stand for nature, biodiversity and climate action

Kori Malia (Art, Illustration Music)

Artist, singer-songwriter, and youth climate activist who uses the arts to inspire social change.

Sofiya Shukhova ( Art )

Conservationist and wildlife artivist

Benedicte Barrett ( Illustration )

An Illustrator who believes in the power of sustainability communication to sensitize people.

Dr. Caterina Sposato (Architect, Design)

A futurist, architect, innovative designer, and sustainable strategist

Pedro Sáez Martínez ( Graphic Design, Industrial Design)

An Industrial and Graphic Designer working for social innovation.

Adam Davies ( Product Design)

With a focus on sustainability, the materials Tŷ Syml develop are designed to be responsible and to have a negligible impact on society and the environment.

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