Support Our Mission.

We want to inspire as many artists and creatives as we can to get involved. Donate to our cause and help our mission. All donations will go towards Terra Movement. This will help our cause and help us organize projects and events in the future.

We want to educate and inspire people to join the climate movement using the power of art and design. We want to empower creatives and give them a voice because we will need everyone to step up if we wish to save the earth and save ourselves. To achieve our mission, we need your help and support.

Where will the money go to?


To Cover Costs

To cover costs needed to keep Terra Movement going. If you love our mission and what we are doing, help us keep our team going by donating even a small amount.


To Keep Creating

To keep creating amazing content to inspire people and create an impact on the world. Our aim is to keep creating various types of content to inform and inspire.


For Future Projects

To help us launch campaigns, projects, and initiatives. We want to plan more and do more for you to get involved in. But we need your support.