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How To Support Ethical Artisans Around The World

With the rise of huge mass producing marketplaces like Amazon, it’s more important that ever to support talented artists and their artisan products. It seems that there has been a cultural shift in the past few decades and where people used to prefer to buy high-quality ethical products that will last them a lifetime, in the modern age, everyone seems to be happy to settle for cheap products that will break in the blink of an eye.

It’s time to demand change. One of the easiest ways to do this is to start voting with your money. Choose where you want to put your money and what companies you want to fund.

I feel it’s better to buy ethical handmade artisan products that were made with thought and skill instead of supporting large companies whose only interest is profit because these companies often disregard the planet and workers’ rights. 

Where Can I Buy Artisan Products?

There are many places online where you can buy ethical artisan products. But you can also go to local stores and local small businesses selling their craft. However, not everyone has access to shops like these in their neighborhoods. But don’t fret, because there are online market places for people looking to buy artisan products. One of my favorites is definitely GlobeIn.

What Is Globein?

On GlobeIn you can buy artisan products made from around the world made by very skilled and passionate artists. You can find a variety of products from woven baskets, to handcrafted mugs. Each item is unique in its own way and with a story behind it.

Many of these products take hours and days to be completed which just goes to show how dedicated these people are for their craft but also means you can be sure that whatever you receive will be of high quality.

But that’s not all. They also offer amazing subscription boxes which contain around 5 products each. This idea developed in order to help support artists and local communities around the world.

GlobeIn, like other artisan marketplaces, focuses on the ethics of production. Fair trading is their priority because it’s not right how workers and artists are exploited for the work. People should be paid for their skills and time. Their whole system is transparent as all companies should be.

How Do The Subscription Boxes Work?

You can subscribe to receive boxes every month for a period of time filled with artisan products from around the world. Every month you can choose the theme of the box you want. But if you don’t like any of the themes for that month, you can always skip it. You have control over what you want, unlike other subscriptions. It’s important to have and buy things that you actually love and cherish which is why I love this feature. It allows you to choose exactly what you want.

Learn more about it works here. 

A Sustainable Way To Shop

Buying these kinds of products is not just ethical by design. It’s also a sustainable way to shop as it goes against excessive consumerism. Our consumerist world is causing the depletion of natural resources, pollution and much more. And all it gives us is empty happiness for a few moments.

We must slow down. Our greed is causing the planet to suffer. Forests are disappearing, the atmosphere is heating up and extreme weather is becoming more frequent. So many of our problems are rooted in these bad habits that we have created. Our desire for more and bigger things is the driver of so many global challenges.

So why not start supporting a good cause? It’s time to stop supporting destructive corporations and start building a better and fairer society.

Have A Positive Impact On The World

The structure of most companies is not fair towards the people who make the products. In our society, it has almost become the norm to exploit others in order to get what we want. 

This is why I feel it’s important to shift into a fairer system where the workers are valued for the work and are allowed to express themselves through their art. The best way to do that is by supporting artisan communities around the world as well as in your local area.

Of course, Globein is not the only choice or option for finding artisan products. You can find artists selling their crafts everywhere. It’s just about finding them. Start supporting small businesses and passionate world-changers whose aim is to make the world a better place and bring long-lasting smiles to their customers


While mass-production methods may have helped humanity advance greatly and become this civilization we have come to today, it is bringing more negativity than positivity into the world right now.

It’s one of the reasons overconsumption exists and one of the reasons prices of products are so low. And while low prices may seem good to some people, it is making us see all products as disposable. The majority don’t even think twice about replacing their broken items from Amazon. Because nowadays, products are easily replaceable. Not easily repairable.

Prices should not be as low as they are now. They never used to be so low. Everything should be made to last not to be replaced after a few months.

Buying artisan products starts to change the way you view products because you start valuing what you have more. As you will know the hard work that went into making these products, you wouldn’t want to break them. Looking after products is part of a sustainable lifestyle.

So start looking out for artisan products on places like GlobeIn and hopefully, soon enough, demand will increase and it will become the norm. Mass-producing useless products needs to become a thing of the past. Unsustainable and unethical practices cannot continue in this modern age.

It’s time unlearn and move towards a better future.

Featured image from Unsplash


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