Hope For The Planet Campaign

Are you losing hope for the planet? You are not the only one.

That’s why we are launching this campaign #HopeForThePlanet to spread hope to the world because we need hope if we want to reach a better world.

We want to spread that hope and show people that the fight for a better planet and fairer society is not lost. There’s still hope. And what better way to spread hope than with art and creativity?” Hope For The Planet is a campaign that is taking place throughout March. We will be sharing artwork, articles, resources, and more to spread a message of hope to the world in a creative way. During our campaign, we shared all the creative content including illustrations, short films, and artworks on our social media channels which you can also find below.

A special message of hope

To finish off our campaign #hopefortheplanet, we bring to you this video of hope. We asked members of our community from around the world to say something that brings them hope and here’s what they had to say.

Share this and help us spread hope to the world that a better future is possible!

A special thanks to everyone who took part in this. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Featured Artworks

1. Sarah Nelson 2. Katharina Schoenefeld 3.  Anita Bagdi

10 Reasons To Have Hope For The Planet

Click below each point to view artworks, resources and more. Throughout March we will be posting new content below so keep coming back to see what’s new


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