An exhibition I organised, curated and launched as part of Terra Movement in 2022. I create a callout to students in Manchester where I received many different submissions of illustrated posters and other creative pieces of work. 

Once I curated the exhibition, we had a launch event where people could come and see the artwork. We did this to raise money for a local environmental organization – City of Trees.

Sofia recently hosted 2 exhibitions called ‘Hope For The Planet’ The first one was done with the Manchester Metropolitan University and in partnership with City Of Trees where we raised money for their cause which is to plant trees and restore the natural environment of Greater Manchester.

The second time it was a part of the Action for Sustainability: A Student, Community and Staff Mid-Summer Festival in Manchester which was an amazing event with different speakers of various environmental non-profits and businesses, creative activities and more.

All the artworks were made by students of Manchester who were all from various different courses including Illustration, Animation, Fashion Design, Psychology, etc. And they made pieces in different mediums including animation, digital art, and textile, recycled material, and watercolour.

Here are the artworks that were submitted by the students. (Photo Credits: Phil Tragen 2021)