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Featured: A Monkey’s Guide to Deforestation by Sayra Begum

Artivism: Create Inspiring Art for Change

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We hosted our first illustration challenge on Instagram this October. Here are our favourite entries. We thought you might find this inpiring. Let us know what you think.

This was a challenge to raise awareness and to urge creatives like you to get involved in the climate movement. We were blown away with what you created and we wanted to thank everyone for taking part and supporting this initiative.


What Is Artivism?

Our latest poster ‘ What Is Artivism?’ is now available to download for free. You can read it, share it, print it… 

Rewriting Extinction

Rewriting Extinction is a non-profit that is creating stories to save the world.

Their book ‘The Most Important Comic Book on Earth: Stories to Save the World’ is an amazing piece that utilises art and storytelling to talk about the planet, the challenges it faces, and what we can do about it.

Climate Crisis Hub

Climate Crisis Hub is an online platform curated with films and other content to help you get inspired by people’s stories from around the world.

They host a festival called ‘Climate Crisis Film Festival’ and have lots of things always going on to inspire you and help you take action.

Learn Sustainable Graphic Design

Do you want to become a sustainable graphic designer but don’t know where to start. Here’s a great course by Domestika to get you going. It will teach you all you need to know to start this journey.

Roundhouse - Create To Transform

Do you want to develop your skills as a young creative? Whatever your skill, check Roundhouse out for inspiration, support, performances, work, and more! They also believe that creativity drives change!

Art + Activism For Social Change

Watch to get inspired. Art can be a driver of social change. And it’s possible now for than ever. This video by TEDx shows why art can be so powerful when talking about social change

The Social Impact Calculator

“The Social Impact Calculator is a visual tool that shows investment and returns from both the government and public perspectives in a comprehensive way that aligns values and outcomes.”

Climate Illustrated

Climate Illustrated is an inspiring account on Instagram that tells climate stories through illustrations

Art For Your World

Art For Your World is part of WWF and they call for art to help their mission of helping the planet.

PangeaSeed Foundation

And ARTivism organization that focuses on protecting the oceans.

Earthrise Studio

A creative studio focusing on climate storytelling. They create amazing films and other content to educate and inspire.

Petitions To Sign This Month

Here we share some of the most important petitions that aim to help the environment.

Ban Trading Rhino Horns and Tiger Bones

UK government: No more oil and gas


Protect Canada’s Seals from the 2022 Hunt.

teach children about sustainability
Kat Sarmiento

10 Creative Ways To Teach Your Children Sustainability

Worsening global warming and natural disasters have made climate crisis awareness and activism an important responsibility for all ages. But even for adults, sustainability is never a simple topic. So while this issue is incredibly important, it is one of the most challenging topics to discuss and introduce to our kids. So, where do we start?  First of all, knowing what is under the big umbrella of sustainability will be helpful in teaching children sustainability. In essence, sustainability is having a clear grasp of our impact here on earth and the future generation. From recycling to reusing to simple lifestyle

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motivate family to be eco friendly
Peter Rossi

How to Motivate Your Family to Be Eco-Friendly

Making your home and family more eco-friendly is essential for our planet’s and families health. Check out the best tips for motivating your family to adopt sustainable practices.  It can be tough to get your family on board with being eco-friendly. Many people view it as a hassle, or they don’t see the importance of it. One of the best ways to motivate your family to be eco-friendly is to set a good example.  They are likely to follow suit if you prioritize sustainability in your home. It applies to all household chores, including using a jacuzzi and swimming pool.

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Take Action Toolkits

We need you to take action in the climate movement.

We are facing many environmental and social challenges at the moment. Learn how you be part of the solution and start tackling them as an individual, as a community and as an organization.

We have put together an action guide for you to make it easier to join the climate movement. Here you will find creative resources that will help you create a real impact on the planet and the world. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Illustration by Lara Perez Duenas


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