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Stop Deforestation


Read about the causes of deforestation and the effect it is having on the world.

Research the impact of the products you want to buy before you buy them. This way you can learn how much impact they are having on the environment and decide if you should go ahead with the purchase.


Watch documentaries about the causes and impact of deforestation. To be able to help the world, we must first educate ourselves on what is happening.

Eyes In The Forest

Taking place in the Columbian Amazon Rainforest, scientists and conservationist are using new technology to try and stop illegal loggers.


A film about the truth of why deforestation is rising at such an alarming rate in the Amazon rainforest.

Before The Flood

A documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio and National Geographic to educate people on climate change and let them know what they can do in the battle to stop climate change.


Telling the story of some rangers trying to save the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park.

Ecosia | Switch to the Ecosia search engine and plant trees when you search the web. It’s a great alternative and good for surfing the internet.

Our Planet Week | An illustration challenge that plants trees. It now takes place every year and anyone can join in the challenge on Instagram.

Ecologi | Become climate positive and start planting trees through a monthly subscription

And remember, small actions make a difference. Reducing your meat intakes, buying certified wood products and going paperless are just a few things that if we all do, can have a real impact on the world.

For more tips on how to help the forests on an individual level, read 15 Strategies To Reduce And Prevent Deforestation


Make sure to read our section below on how to support Indigenous peoples because they are the ones who should lead the way when it comes to protecting the rainforests and helping the earth.

Donate to One Tree Planted | An organization that plants trees around the world and helping battle deforestation.

Support Rainforest Action Network | Their mission as stated on their website is to “preserve forests, protect the climate and uphold human rights by challenging corporate power and systemic injustice through frontline partnerships and strategic campaigns.”

Reducing Waste & Plastic Pollution

Ridding the world of plastic won’t be an easy task. But we must start taking action against plastic pollution now to stop the problem from getting worse and to remove plastic from the oceans as it is a threat to wildlife.

To solve the world’s plastic problem we must move away from linear design and towards circular design so that we stop producing so much waste (especially plastic)

7 Books About The Circular Economy
  1. Cradle to cradle – remaking the way we make things

2. Waste to Wealth – The Circular Economy Advantage

3. The Circular Economy – A User’s Guide

4. Biomimicry – Innovation inspired by nature

5. The Future of Packaging: From Linear to Circular

6. Designing for the Circular Economy

7. No impact man – Can you save the planet without sending your family crazy?

Documentaries about the challenges we are facing in terms of plastic pollution

  • A Plastic Ocean – This film was made my the Plastic Oceans Foundation and focuses on the impacts of plastic pollution on the world’s oceans.. Availabe to watch on Netflix.
  • X Trillion – The story of 14 women sailing across the ocean to one of the world’s most remote places but also a place where the place of the densest accumulation of ocean plastic.

Quick Tips To Reduce Plastic Use

There are many steps you can take as an individual to reduce your plastic consumption. Here are some simple tips by the founder of Going Zero Waste:

  1. Bring your own bags
  2. Use beeswax covers
  3. Avoid buying food packaged with plastic when possible
  4. Swap to soap bars
  5. Take your own reusable coffee cup
  6. Stop buying water bottle and bring your own resuable bottle
  7. Say no to plastic straws
  8. Find bulk stores near you
  9. Stop buying fast fashion clothes that contain plastic eg polyester
  10. Inspire your friends and community to change their habits too
create a zero waste society infographic


Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Perhaps one of the most famous organizations in the circular economy sector. Their aim to help the world move towards circular design and the circular economy.

Circular Design Guide

If you are a designer, you will love this website. You’ll find many resources and information that will help you transform your designs into products that are fit for the circular economy

Global Coralition

An organization using art, science, and the power of community to help the world’s coral reefs. They come up with innovative solutions to protect the planet.

5 Gyres

This is an organization dedicated to removing plastic from the oceans. They organize many projects, expeditions etc to remove and prevent plastic from entering oceans.


Protect Indigenous Rights

When we talk about climate justice, we must consider everyone. We protect indigenous rights, amplify their voice and most imortantly pass them the mic because they deserve to be heard by the world.

There are various ways to support Indigenous peoples

It’s important to stay informed about topics like this. Educate yourself. Here are some resources to get you started.

35 books to read for National Indigenous History Month

Research the land that you live on using Native Land Digital to see the Indigenous history

It’s also important that we remember not to speak for indigenous peoples. We need to pass them the mic and allow them to speak to the world. We must not only amplify their voices but include them in all climate conversations.


Donate | Survival International are a great charity that fight for indegenous rights by stopping activity which destroys their land such as mining and logging.

Support IWGIA to help support Indigenous peoples and help defend their rights

Watch Guardians Of The Amazon | A documentary about indigenous peoples being in the front lines, protecting the forest, their home from illegal activity

Women & Climate

Read Understanding Why Climate Change Impacts Women More to find out why women are affected by climate change more than men

Read Gender and Climate Change | A book about how gender affects the way you are affected by climate change.

Read Women’s Environmental Action

Watch Hands-on | A documentary on women and climate change and how 4 women from different continents and tackling climate change.

Demanding Government Action

Sign petitions – There are many petitions out there you can sign which can help drive action for climate change. Some websites to check out for this include: Change.org, Greenpeace and petition.parliament.uk

Write a letter to your MP with the help of The Climate Coalition.

Extinction Rebellion – Join their movement and start demanding action! It’s important that we act now because we are running out of time.