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The Perfect Eco-Friendly Gift Sets For This Christmas

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I recently stumbled across this website called Lil’ Something. They make these perfect little eco-friendly gift sets which I just love. With this new lockdown, it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves and these could help you with that.

Also, in case you have forgotten, Christmas is soon coming up. A couple of weeks ago I created a post about how to make your Christmas more sustainable. Getting sustainable and ethical gifts for your friends and families instead of supporting multi-billionaire companies was one of the things on that list. This is one of the places you could consider buying your gifts from this year. Stop buying cheap, useless items that just get thrown in the bin the next day. Buy something meaningful.

A lil’ bit about Lil’ Something

This small business is based in the UK and they make amazing little cute gift boxes. If you are struggling to find a gift for someone, look no further. They have gift sets aimed at women, men as well as couples.

Or simply treat yourself this Christmas and buy it for yourself. Have some ‘you-time’ and relax. We all need it after the year we’ve been through.

These eco-friendly gift sets not only look amazing but the products inside them are sustainably and ethically made. Lil’ Something aims to create something to make people’s lives better, all the while not harming the planet. We shouldn’t take care of ourselves at the expense of the planet.

lil'something eco gift boxes
Lil’ Something Monday Morning Gift Box

Their Ethical Gift Boxes

I love their gift boxes for several reasons. First of all, they are sustainable. That’s the most important part for me to be honest. Most of the products they have, contain organic materials, and are palm-oil free.

Each gift box has a different combination of products. You can even personalize them to make your own box unique. There’s something for nearly everyone. Just some of the products they offer in their boxes are coffee, tea, soap, bath salts, chocolate, and candles. What’s great about them is that you can get boxes with a theme to them. For example, you can find a birthday set, a spa experience, starter sets, etc.

Check out their website for more. Also, take a look at their blog if you need some inspiration to start your self-love journey.

Supporting Small Businesses

I love small businesses like these as they focus on quality. Lil’ Something gift boxes are handmade and made with care.

So, start supporting small businesses like these who are not mass producing products and producing tonnes of waste because frankly, most large corporations couldn’t care less about the planet. Support those who are trying to make the world a better place.

Importance of Sustainable Gifts

During the festive holidays, more waste is produced than at any other time of the year. Don’t further contribute to that. Be a mindful and conscious consumer.

Perhaps by getting them something like this, you could educate or inspire them to start their journey in sustainability, minimalism, and intentionality. We certainly need more of that in our society. Don’t aimlessly buy random gifts from Amazon just so you have something to give to someone.

Personally, I don’t like buying things from large companies like Amazon because it doesn’t align with my own ethos. I try to choose products and businesses that care about the same things as I do. If a company is contributing to the mass destruction of the world and exploiting either human or animal rights, I stay clear from them.

Additionally, with the current situation of COVID-19, it’s likely that families won’t be able to get together for Christmas. Let them know you are thinking of them by sending them something meaningful. Spend a bit more money to buy something that was thoughtfully made.

Final Thoughts

This company is just one example. You could get these eco-friendly gift sets or you could get something else. My point is, start doing good some good for the world, yourself, and others.

How you spend your money is how you vote on what exists in the world.

Vicki Robin

We are living in a fast-paced world where we are constantly doing something. It’s a consumerist world where nothing ever stops. It’s time to slow down. Start simplifying and slowing down your life and prioritize yourself.

As I said before, start supporting small businesses that are trying to good. Spend your way in a way that aligns with your ethics and your morals. We must stop funding multi-national companies that are destroying the environment.

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