About Terra Movement

Terra | The Latin word for ‘Earth’ 
Movement | We are a movement


Terra Movement aims to make a difference and help society by using art and design. In our work we talk about important issues of the world including environmental issues, philosophical debates, scientific studies. We work with conscious individuals and organizations to create collaborations that make a difference. Terra Movement is run Sofia Hadjiosif, a multi-disciplinary artist fascinated by the world around us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I always love connecting with other like-minded people driven to create change in our society.

01. We Are A Design Studio

A one-woman studio ran by Sofia Hadjiosif and the help of collaborators. Contact Sofia here or hire her on Upwork.

02. We Are A Community & Directory

Take a look at our growing directory of artivist. Here we add artists, illustrators, designers, filmmakers, musicians and more who work use their practise to help the planet as well as those who are involved in creative environmental projects.

We developed this directory to make it easier for people to find other creatives who are working on environmental projects.

Would you like to join our directory? Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

03. We Create Initiatives & Events

We organise different exhibitions and events that aim to amplify important messages through art, design, and creativity. Our last event we did was our Hope For The Planet exhibition as part of the Action for Sustainability: A Student, Community and Staff Mid-Summer Festival in Manchester (UK).

Hope For The Planet Exhibition

Our founder Sofia recently hosted 2 exhibitions called ‘Hope For The Planet’ One was with the Manchester Metropolitan University and the second with the Action for Sustainability: A Student, Community and Staff Mid-Summer Festival.

All the artworks were made by students of Manchester. From various different courses including Illustration, Animation, Fashion Design, Psychology etc. And they made pieces of different mediums including animation, digital art, textile. recycled material and wtarecolour.