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10 Reasons to Care About The Environment

There are probably a billion reasons to care about the environment. The earth and everything in it has to offer is something that can’t afford to lose. We depend on them as every living organism does.

I believe people who say that they do not care about the environment, simply don’t understand how important and how amazing it is. If they took the time to understand the natural world and go out and experience it first-hand, I’m sure they would be left speechless. If people realize how amazing the earth is, I have no doubt they would start acting to protect it.

Human Impact on the Planet

Humans are literally changing the face of the earth every second. Deforestation, mining metals, and urbanization are just a few ways in which we have altered the earth. Furthermore, what we do to one place, has a global effect as everything is interconnected.

In our modern world, we are building and creating things that we don’t really want while wasting precious resources that we desperately need. Explain how that makes sense. Right now, all biodiversity, from coral reefs to polar bears, from orangutans to rhinos are in danger because of us. But we, as humans are also in danger. This is a ‘fight’ to save ourselves.

Why Is It Important To Care About The Environment?

01. Planet earth is beautiful

It took millions and millions of years for the earth to reach this stage. After constant evolution and adaptation, it reached stability. The earth became a peaceful place filled with amazing animals and landscapes. Everywhere you look in nature, there is beauty. Why would someone want to destroy that?

Coral reefs and rainforests are a good example of some of the vibrant ecosystems that exist on earth. The way life has evolved is so intricate and complicated which makes it even more beautiful. How everything has a role to play in its habitat and how different organisms help each other out without even knowing is extraordinary.

02. Our resources

Everything that we need to live and survive comes from nature. The air that we breathe, our water, our food and so much more. We can not live without these.

All the resources that we use every day also need to come from somewhere. They don’t appear out of thin air. How will we build without any trees left, what will we drink after we exhaust all of the freshwater sources, and finally what will we eat when we have made soils infertile and arid?

Let’s not forget that natural medicine can also found in nature. By cutting down forests, we might be losing potential plants with healing properties.

You might think that money is more important than the environment but try spending a month in the wild with a million dollars. That money will not get you anywhere. That’s why the planet should always come first.

We like to think we are a superior race and better than other animals but when it comes down to it, we are all alike. Every organism needs the same vital resources to survive. Humans are no exception.

03. What we do to nature affects ourselves

Like it or not, what we do to nature, inevitably affects us too because we are part of it.

Pollution, greenhouse gases, deforestation, and everything else will come back and affect us in some way. We built factories and now the pollution is killing thousands or even millions around the world. Mass deforestation is leading to biodiversity loss throwing the earth’s system off balance. Increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are causing climate change and sooner or later, everyone will be experiencing heatwaves, floods, drought, or other extreme events.

In addition, so many human infectious diseases came from domesticating animals. Humans decided long ago to keep animals in pens without realizing the effects it would have on us in the future. This is an example of what happens when we don’t treat nature right. Animals were never meant to be domesticated. Sadly, we still haven’t learned that lesson. If we don’t change our practices, there might even be a new disease outbreak from livestock in the future.

The list goes on. Even the plastic that we invented is now making its way into our bloodstream, hidden as microplastics.Who knows what effects this could have on our health?

As you can see, everything we do has consequences. It’s nature’s way to keep the world in balance. That is why you need to care about the environment and the planet as a whole. When we do something harmful, nature tries to get rid of us in order to maintain a balance. Nature always wins. We can either fight against it and become extinct or work with it and thrive alongside it.

04. Our only home

We don’t have another planet to go to. At least not yet. This is why we need to do as much as we can to protect it for us as well as future generations. Why spend billions of dollars to colonize a different planet when we could spend that same money on the restoration and protection of the one we already live on?

If forests, coral reefs, the Arctic, and everything else got destroyed by our greed, we will not be able to survive another day. We don’t have a ‘Planet B’ to go to.

05. It’s our moral obligation

We need to start following our moral compass. We consume the earth’s food and water, dig up its precious minerals and metal to build new things, and cut down millions of trees.

The human race has overrun the earth. We even call it ‘our planet’ as if we own it. With this kind of power though, also comes a responsibility to protect what we call ‘ours’.

06. Protect biodiversity

It might not seem important to you in your day-to-day life, but the planet needs biodiversity for it to stay healthy.

Humans would not be able to survive without other animals. Either directly or indirectly they keep us alive. They are a source of food, but the huge biodiversity also keeps the earth in balance. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe seeing how cute and wonderful animals are will get you to care.

Scientists believe we are currently in the 6th mass extinction. Humans are driving animals and plants into extinction every year. How would you like it if your children grew up in a world without pandas or polar bears?

07. The environment is in danger

You need to care because the environment is at risk from climate change, pollution, loss of biodiversity, etc. And we are the cause.

Climate change is affecting ecosystems and wildlife is dying. For instance, coral bleaching and arctic ice melting are happening because of global warming. But climate change is not the only issue (although it is the biggest one). More environmental challenges continue to appear threatening all life on the planet.

Humans are even being displaced from their homes due to floods and fires. The world is seeing an increase in climate migrants and it will only continue to rise.

08. Caring is cool

I genuinely don’t understand when it became ‘cool’ to throw rubbish on the street, or to drive or to buy plastic bottles. It seems like society believes people who care about the environment are not cool people. I don’t know where it came from and who came up with it but it’s false. Caring about something and showing respect is a sign of kindness and in my books that not a bad thing. Caring for the environment shows your true personality and the kind of person you are.

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09. A way to give back

The planet gives us so much as mentioned before. It only seems fair if we do something to show some appreciation. From food to water, the earth is able to replenish its resources and it keeps giving us more. To me, it seems logical to care about the environment. In fact, it should be instinct. Unfortunately, most have lost that by being disconnected from nature for so long.

We should not have to be told not to cut down the forests or be told that we need to care for the planet. It’s something we should already do or know.

Young children like being outside (or at least they used to be). They are intrigued by it and in no way do they harm it. As they grow up, they stop caring as much since there are ‘bigger things to worry about’ in modern society. It should not be like this.

Every single person has some sort of impact and it’s time everyone takes responsibility. You can’t sit back and watch the earth deteriorate any longer.

10. Future generations

We cannot leave a destroyed planet for future generations. It’s not fair to leave them with the problems we created. They did not contribute to it. It should be up to us to fix the series of mistakes that we have made.

It’s necessary to start acting now so our great-great-grandchildren don’t need to pay for what we’ve done.


Currently, there is still beautiful earth that we can admire. We can travel to different countries looking at the natural wonders. If we continue exploiting the earth there will be nothing to look at apart from dead ecosystems, That’s not a world anyone would want to live in. Furthermore, as mentioned above nature provides us with resources some of which are finite. There will not be enough food or water for the human population in the future.

Anyway, the alternative to caring ends in our destruction and the extinction of every animal. All those millions of years of evolution taking place, wiped out by a single species.


  • I've always cared about the planet but never knew how I could use my skills to create an impact. But that's when I decided to start Terra Movement. To get other creatives involved in the climate movement and inspire more people to help the planet and its people.

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